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Plant Broadcast System Solutions

System Features

1 automation control system, a truly intelligent system. Power timer switch, fire linkage emergency boot. 24 hours can be achieved without human duty. Systems can be computer programming (schedule arrangement), downloaded to the host; through this machine can also be programmed program can choose rooms, eliminating the trouble can not replace the song. System plus power intelligent partition, you can sixteen or more partitions; automatic fire linkage function (Smart partition can automatically switch when there is fire linkage)

2 This device provides two 16-way primary channel and 6-channel backup switch channels, each can be connected to the main amplifier 16, respectively, and three spare power amplifier. When the device is connected to the master of a group of 16 power amplifiers have a failure occurs, the device will automatically switch the channel to the corresponding group of backup power amplifier to protect the normal operation of the system. Further, under normal circumstances, can be manually switched between the main and standby power amplifier PA.

3 Background broadcasting

The main role is to cover up the noise and create a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere, if listening intently listening to people, you can not discern the location of the sound source, the volume is small, is a relaxed atmosphere to create music. Therefore, the effect of background music to reach: First psychologically conceal ambient noise, the second is to create and atmosphere of the indoor environment to adapt, it is widely used in hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, hospitals, office buildings and so on. Music should be relaxed or lyrical style, strong shock of music is inappropriate. Background music is not stereo, but mono music, this is because the requirement to distinguish stereo sound source orientation, and there feeling of depth, while the background music is not listening to the sound unaware of where to come, does not want to man feeling the sound source location, as well as to 5.3 cell broadcast system includes the entire landscape of the park environment.

4 functional and technical requirements

5 outdoor use simulation, waterproof speakers.

6. system uses power signal, the way cable transmission, 100V power amplifier output by way of constant pressure output. The power amplifier is calculated as 1.3 times the power of the speaker. System Configuration hot backup amplifier, and can be automatically or manually switch at the radio amplifier failure.

7 switching fire emergency radio is turned choices should have two kinds of automatic and manual mode, automatic mode according to the fire center sent a fire linkage signal can be manually selected on the remote control handset.

The system‘s amplifier and partitions have set aside (20% of the reserved amount), to prepare for the late additions and adjustments.

Overall system technical requirements

1) the use of a constant pressure delivery system 110V.

2) Speaker layout, speaker volume background music and fire radio to meet the dual requirements.

9, timed play background music

Property Management Office can be installed according to the actual situation of the cell cell broadcast equipment, timing played beautiful music in the district, dotted with residential atmosphere. To the owners of a green and beautiful environment of the community.

10, play radio programs

Community radio stations play some news programs in the evening hours, creating a more humane community.

11, the power control

Four timing control can be controlled on the power supply to achieve the timing source device electric music. External control power timing devices, managing power other devices.

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