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 Chungson Public Address Apparatus Industrial Co. Ltd adheres to the business philosophy of "enterprise --- people-oriented; product ---- quality first", introducing advanced production, testing equipment and professional technology, constantly innovating products, In the forefront of the industry, and passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification, CCC certification, CE certification and strict supervision of national technical supervision departments.

 In business management, the company constantly improve marketing management system and enhance the overall competitiveness of enterprises. In major cities in the establishment of a marketing network and service system in a timely manner to provide high-quality technical support and after-sales service.

[1], technical assurance measures
Each project carries out technical supervision and promptly resolves the technical problems that arise in the installation of equipment.

[2], quality assurance measures
System engineer is responsible for the installation and guidance of the system site, record the data, repeated testing, to achieve the best results.

[3], focus on teaching and training content
Brief introduction of the essentials of public broadcasting system and brief introduction of related knowledge, General introduction of system structure of public broadcasting system, Function and features of public broadcasting system, Connection method and installation operation.

[4], using personnel training content
Through the use of personnel-related theory and practice training to improve the user's understanding of the product and understanding of the right, the product can be the correct operation and easy troubleshooting, the product can be normal operation and get good care;

[5], system maintenance and after-sales service
Standard products in the telecommunications provide electronic equipment (two years), electro-acoustic products (one year) product quality warranty and free technical support, during the warranty period, installation and commissioning staff at any time to provide customers with product technical support to assist customers Do a good job of product maintenance, to ensure the normal operation of the product; customer's product warranty, we receive the client's report, within one working day to give a reply. Improve after-sales service and full support for the company on behalf of the company's operating attitude to customers, but also our letter to a customer a commitment. Your satisfaction is the greatest pursuit of our correspondents.




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Company Profile
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