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Arcade broadcast system solutions

Achieve effectiveness:

1, timed or manual background music

System Configuration Programming MP3 players and other audio devices, can be timed or manual play different types of music, so the supermarket noise to a minimum, depending on the period, while playing for customers and employees each time favorite songs, so that customers can have the pleasure of mood for shopping, employees can have a positive attitude to each customer service.

2, paging broadcast function

Paging microphone system configuration can be a welcoming address by which, when open the door, shut the shop front Tips, cautions and promotional advertising, etc. In addition to notification, find people, find things such as transactional broadcast, events, and during the holidays organizing Bargains can be broadcast separately for each additional remote paging microphone can be configured for remote paging control desk at the supermarket.

3, Emergency Broadcast

The system can automatically receive through the fire alarm signal generator, when there is a fire emergency broadcast signal is automatically cut, the system will automatically record the good alarm forced output audio signal to the supermarket, the first

System Features

Chungson digital PA system CS-3800 more powerful performance more perfect, more convenient operation, the integrated, modular, intelligent direction, according to the needs of any combination, to achieve different public broadcasting functions, with superior sound, very low noise level and outstanding character than the interpretation of advanced broadcasting technology.

1, touch screen control, all intelligent Chinese platform, visual Chinese menu interface, good interactive interface, easy to learn to use the operation.

2, the first front panel wiring, easy installation and replacement;

3, using the latest 16-channel digital audio stream bus, can be 16 different audio streams simultaneously broadcast;

4, the system can be flexibly configured (configuration requirements of the function card) depending on the application requirements, the output capacity is unlimited;

5, all input / output (I / O) all controllable and can be seamlessly connected peripherals;

6, all input / output (I / O) can be flexibly programmed, flexible control, easy system configuration and implementation of system functions, free combination of audio input and output, any partition broadcast, partitions can be flexibly programmed, without changing the wiring;

7, the system can automatically or manually program control, user management;

8, provides an Ethernet interface, a network management;

9, the intelligent alarm linkage control interface can trigger any combination of the fire area (through software settings, such as: N + 1, N, N-1 / N 2, N + 1, N, N-1, N-2) for emergency fire broadcasts.

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