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Campus radio system solutions

1, timed to music bell (school bell and music playback)

The system can automatically open and close the device power according to the set, multiple sets of programming 24 hours a day and rest time (accurate to second). Personalized music ringtones, calisthenics and automatic radio broadcasting, the day can be set to a different time and rest on the bell and the flag song playing on campus, calisthenics, eye protection and other key operations, enrich campus life. Timetable can be automatically adjusted according to the spring and autumn, and provide barometer days, holidays, special configuration options.

2, multi-audio player

English exam school test, you can play the corresponding Test of English for different themes, such as classrooms. Outdoor area can also be normal music rang the bell, inside and outside the district play background music school district or region can play, you can flexibly set the area you want to play on their own.

Main functions:

Web-based management and control functions, with over INTERNET network functions:

IP-based data transmission network audio system, within the same LAN segment within the LAN and across the Internet gateway used online. That is the headquarters of configuration-related equipment and software, net of each segment by INTERNET remote broadcast notification.

Point to point, point-to-control group and any group function:

Point to point, point to the control group, which at the same time, both while playing different music for different regions, and each other is not affected.

Local PA and broadcast sharing function:

Each terminal can be controlled independently, with local speakerphone function, with line and microphone input interface, can add audio and computer microphone and speakers can live terminals, to achieve local PA, when a broadcast signal, it can automatically switch to broadcast state broadcasting is completed, but also continue to use.

With a sub-control functions:

Leadership office can configure the remote IP paging microphone or broadcast sub-control software can be broadcast on the designated area, play music, etc., the operation more flexible and convenient.

Sub-control software programming functions:

IP network news broadcast in sub-control software programming tasks with a timer function, through authorized broadcast timed task server for editing, modification directly on the sub-control software.

Unattended features:

Achieve full automation of routine ringtone (ringtone users daily programming in the broadcasting system, and to achieve annual automatic playback).

Remote control playback (VOD):

Classroom terminals, track and field terminal in the idle state selections can be completed on the server, on-demand and other functions via remote control.

System scalability:

To increase the area just add terminal or network device to complete the expansion of the system

Terminal full duplex two-way intercom and intercom recording function:

Between the microphone and paging terminal, between the terminal and the terminal can achieve full-duplex two-way intercom, and be able to talk in real time the content is stored in the server;

Terminal feeds speech functions:

Can be specified as a broadcast source terminal, the terminal itself comes with this line, microphone audio into digital audio stream real-time encoding broadcast to any number of other terminals.

Terminal with U-disk recorders, and external audio source (such as a cassette, DVD, microphone) playback functions:

Terminal has a USB interface, can external U disk, U disk MP3 files on-demand, while local voice terminal can record and save the U disk. Terminal with an external DVD, deck, microphone playback, external audio source can be played locally sounds can also be fed through the terminal, the external source of sound is fed to a terminal specified multiple terminals.

Terminal using hardware decompression:

Terminal uses hardware decoder chip, CD sound quality level 44.1K, 16 bit stereo, suitable for everyday foreign language classroom listening training, each pronunciation can be legible. Especially in English class listening to play too, you can effectively improve student achievement Listening.

Terminal embedded program, stable and reliable:

Since the broadcast receiving terminal using decompression procedure curing methods on the network from network viruses, not susceptible to outside influence, a certain security.

Real-time mining broadcast functions:

The external audio (deck, radio, microphone, etc.) access to a computer with a sound card or external audio coding terminals, real-time encoding into a digital audio stream broadcast to any other multiple terminals, multiple audio coding terminals can operate simultaneously.

Classroom terminal comes amplifier:

Terminal 2 * 20W integrated amplifier, speakers can be connected directly to a given resistance.

Fire alarm linkage function:

Fire alarm system linkage function, when the case of a fire, according to the settings area of ​​the fire alarm, evacuate the role of students, schools according to their own needs, matching.

Analog and webcasts of the two systems coexist (analog backup system)

Digital IP terminals require classroom with analog backup broadcast switch input interface, the user can configure the entrance analog broadcasting backup system, when the network broadcast fails, the system can automatically switch to analog broadcasts, speakers still use IP network broadcasting system speakers without relocation.

All the functions of a traditional broadcast system:

Such as speech radio, background music, timing bell and radio programs broadcast and so on.

Amplifier power control, network signal point spread:

Rack IP terminals have short-circuited after the power amplifier control interface, can add more than one amplifier with the control functions, with no external power timing devices, according to the presence or absence of broadcasting tasks automatically turn on and off the amplifier on and off.

Broadcast server timing control and wireless remote control function:

To avoid broadcasting the primary server (host computer) work long hours, the system can configure the system timing controller, timer switch computers can also be configured a wireless remote control, via wireless remote control to perform the task and stop playback server, Wireless remote control distance of up to several hundred meters, as in the big playground with wireless remote control to play the national anthem, the athletes march and other functions.

Multiple programs simultaneously playback function:

News digital network based on the IP network broadcasting system, play more powerful features than traditional analog broadcasts, playing more flexible, different partitions can play different music, which at the same time at the same time different for different classes at the same time grades while playing different music.

Telephone access control:

Incoming calls can be controlled via radio address, even when away from the office to facilitate leadership can always release an emergency broadcast notification.

After the amplifier‘s unique control features:

IP terminal with the amplifier soft start, shut down control interface, an IP terminal can be outside the control of any power of multi-

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