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Station broadcasting system solutions

1, safety knowledge propaganda

Safety knowledge by pre-recorded voice broadcast system can be timed to play some of the security and anti-fraud knowledge or knowledge discovery surveillance video when there is an emergency situation MCC security, propaganda or command can be broadcast live processing of suspicious objects There is also a voice deterrent.

2, corresponding to the regional radio

Center dispatchers, station attendant can be broadcast on the appropriate area, such as the various user sites, ticketing area, the station hall, entrance and office area can live according to their different environments broadcast broadcast content.

3, fire / emergency evacuation

When a large number of passengers stagnation station or emergency disasters, emergency broadcast system automatically converted communications equipment, disaster prevention and broadcasting organizations play a central command and the flow of passengers safely evacuated when.

4, play background music

In the waiting room and other places, you can play some of the more gentle soft music to ease nervousness waiting passengers, the majority of the waiting passengers have a good environment and culture, to create a harmonious society.

An outdoor broadcast system:

Outdoor broadcasting system is mainly used for buildings, stadiums, railway stations, parks, arts plaza, supermarkets, hotels and so on. It is characterized by the service area of ​​a large, wide space, the sound to the direct sound propagation based; requirements SPL high-rise buildings and other reflective objects if there is around, speaker layout and quite reasonable, sound waves formed by multiple reflections over more than 50ms delay will cause double or multiple acoustic sound, there will be serious echo problem, affecting the clarity and sound image localization. Outdoor sound system is also affected by weather conditions, wind direction, and environmental interference.

2, Public Broadcasting System

Public address system for the district, factories, hotels, commercial buildings, ports, airports, subways, schools, etc. to provide background music and radio programs. In recent years, the public broadcasting system also doubles as an emergency broadcast can be linked with the fire alarm system. Public broadcasting system control functions more as constituency broadcast radio and all call functions, forced switching function and priority broadcast functions. Speaker load many and scattered, transmission lines long. To reduce transmission line losses, are generally used 70V or 100V constant voltage high impedance delivery. Sound pressure less demanding, midrange and treble sound to the main.

With the rapid development of technology, the public broadcasting system has undergone a single-partition system, manual control multi-partition system, to the most advanced stages of development of several computer-controlled automatic multi-partition system, from the traditional pure play tapes, leadership speech, to the present and multimedia technology, developed from the traditional single analog playback to today‘s all-digital multi-source intelligence partition or play-by-point control, becoming an important tool for building and teaching management is an important hardware infrastructure . Automatically play music through the computer, instead of the traditional shrill ringing tones, express a kind of gentle, quiet culture, can reduce the psychological burden, helping improve efficiency. Digital intelligent broadcasting system is an integral and important part of the modernization, the broadcast system requirements for reliable, powerful, sound clear mission, easy operation, auto-play, zone control, high intelligence, can provide personalized design services.

Features (two) broadcasting system

Background music for short BGM, is Back ground music abbreviation, its main role is to cover up the noise and create a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere, the listener if not concentrate, can not easily identify the location of the sound source, the volume is small. Therefore, the effect of background music are the two psychological conceal ambient noise, and the second is to create the atmosphere of the indoor environment to adapt, it is widely factories, residential, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, hospitals, office buildings, etc. applications.

System Features

1 automation control system, a truly intelligent system. Power timer switch, fire linkage emergency boot. 24 hours can be achieved without human duty. Systems can be computer programming (schedule arrangement), downloaded to the host; through this machine can also be programmed program can choose rooms, eliminating the trouble can not replace the song. System plus power intelligent partition, you can sixteen or more partitions; automatic fire linkage function (Smart partition can automatically switch when there is fire linkage)

2 This device provides two 16-way primary channel and 6-channel backup switch channels, each can be connected to the main amplifier 16, respectively, and three spare power amplifier. When the device is connected to the master of a group of 16 power amplifiers have a failure occurs, the device will automatically switch the channel to the corresponding group of backup power amplifier to protect the normal operation of the system. Further, under normal circumstances, can be manually switched between the main and standby power amplifier PA.

3 Background broadcasting

The main role is to cover up the noise and create a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere, if listening intently listening to people, you can not discern the location of the sound source, the volume is small, is a relaxed atmosphere to create music. Therefore, the effect of background music to reach: First psychologically conceal ambient noise, the second is to create and atmosphere of the indoor environment to adapt, it is widely used in hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, hospitals, office buildings and so on. Music should be relaxed or lyrical style, strong shock of music is inappropriate. Background music is not stereo, but mono music, this is because the requirement to distinguish stereo sound source orientation, and there feeling of depth, while the background music is not listening to the sound unaware of where to come, does not want to man feeling the sound source location, as well as requirements to cover up the sound source, and the volume to be light, so as not to affect the two opposite speech principle.

4 Emergency Broadcast

Emergency Broadcast has floor corresponding fire alarm linkage control interface through the fire control room with smoke detectors each region, temperature sensor with linkage, whether the system is off or any working condition, as long as the receipt of an emergency signal system will automatically activate the emergency broadcast emergency broadcast emergency alarm. When an emergency broadcast starts, only the area of ​​fire and the upper and lower regions adjacent (ie, N 1, N, N-1) for emergency fire radio, so as not to cause panic. By adopting international standard three-wire / 4-wire connection with an emergency broadcast signal tone controller connection, regardless of the district’s volume control is on or off, the volume is large and small can switch directly to the maximum volume level for emergency alarms, the system will automatically play when you touch the anti-pre-recorded voice alarm, automatic voice alarm, automatic notification evacuation. You can also use a handheld microphone system with manual evacuation and fire command. Ensure that the emergency broadcast system at all times be prepared to handle emergencies.

5 paging broadcast

In business paging broadcast design of the system, using a multi-zone paging microphone with a digital paging service broadcasting. Beyond the reach of the radio room up to 64 points / partition broadcast, and each control point can be paged or broadcast for other areas in the region and never impact other areas outside of the broadcast area paging background music; in system design for paging and emergency broadcast radio characteristics of the emergency broadcasting radio and remote paging convenient and flexible settings.

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