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Hotel Broadcast System Solutions

Achieve effectiveness:

1, the system is completely all signals using digital transmission mode, the software from the system configuration, status monitoring, real-time tasks, timed tasks, program library and several other modules, the work of the real-time display system, easy to operate and efficient use of personnel.

2, background music systems and fire radio system to achieve automatic linkage function

Hotel fire is an unpredictable emergencies, background music system automatically accepted after the fire center area where the signal is converted to a digital signal by the server to determine intelligent interface device through the fire, and then the recorded audio signal corresponding to play, so that passengers and employees can accurately evacuation, the maximum to avoid casualties and property losses.

3, radio paging function

Public Broadcasting System in the interior configuration of the broadcast paging microphone, mainly used in broadcast room management personnel in the normal schedule to do Tips and warm greetings for different functional areas, emergency situations may act as a guide customers refuge, orderly transfer of work to do The hotel front desk to configure remote paging microphone, according to the hotel lobby manager scene, to operate quickly and efficiently through the paging microphone.

System Features

1 automation control system, a truly intelligent system. Power timer switch, fire linkage emergency boot. 24 hours can be achieved without human duty. Systems can be computer programming (schedule arrangement), downloaded to the host; through this machine can also be programmed program can choose rooms, eliminating the trouble can not replace the song. System plus power intelligent partition, you can sixteen or more partitions; automatic fire linkage function (Smart partition can automatically switch when there is fire linkage)

2 This device provides two 16-way primary channel and 6-channel backup switch channels, each can be connected to the main amplifier 16, respectively, and three spare power amplifier. When the device is connected to the master of a group of 16 power amplifiers have a failure occurs, the device will automatically switch the channel to the corresponding group of backup power amplifier to protect the normal operation of the system. Further, under normal circumstances, can be manually switched between the main and standby power amplifier PA.

3 Background broadcasting

The main role is to cover up the noise and create a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere, if listening intently listening to people, you can not discern the location of the sound source, the volume is small, is a relaxed atmosphere to create music. Therefore, the effect of background music to reach: First psychologically conceal ambient noise, the second is to create and atmosphere of the indoor environment to adapt, it is widely used in hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, hospitals, office buildings and so on. Music should be relaxed or lyrical style, strong shock of music is inappropriate. Background music is not stereo, but mono music, this is because the requirement to distinguish stereo sound source orientation, and there feeling of depth, while the background music is not listening to the sound unaware of where to come, does not want to man feeling the sound source location, as well as requirements to cover up the sound source, and the volume to be light, so as not to affect the two opposite speech principle.

4 Emergency Broadcast

Emergency Broadcast has floor corresponding fire alarm linkage control interface through the fire control room with smoke detectors each region, temperature sensor with linkage, whether the system is off or any working condition, as long as the receipt of an emergency signal system will automatically activate the emergency broadcast emergency broadcast emergency alarm. When an emergency broadcast starts, only the area of ​​fire and the upper and lower regions adjacent (ie, N 1, N, N-1) for emergency fire radio, so as not to cause panic. By adopting international standard three-wire / 4-wire connection with an emergency broadcast signal tone controller connection, regardless of the district‘s volume control is on or off, the volume is large and small can switch directly to the maximum volume level for emergency alarms, the system will automatically play when you touch the anti-pre-recorded voice alarm, automatic voice alarm, automatic notification evacuation. You can also use a handheld microphone system with manual evacuation and fire command. Ensure that the emergency broadcast system at all times be prepared to handle emergencies.

5 paging broadcast

In business paging broadcast design of the system, using a multi-zone paging microphone with a digital paging service broadcasting. Beyond the reach of the radio room up to 64 points / partition broadcast, and each control point can be paged or broadcast for other areas in the region and never impact other areas outside of the broadcast area paging background music; in system design for paging and emergency broadcast radio characteristics of the emergency broadcasting radio and remote paging convenient and flexible settings.

6. background music and fire evacuation broadcasting system capable of switching function

7 automation and control systems, truly intelligent systems. Timing play background music, power timer switch, can achieve 24 hours without human duty.

The automatic fire linkage functions (ie: broadcast area for N, N 1, N-1) only the region and the upper and lower regions of fire emergency fire radio.

Paging partition can be broadcast

9 Each room offers five sets of programs to the room, guests can choose to listen to your favorite programs, the volume can be adjusted.

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