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China‘s public broadcasting distribution rights proxy distribution agent into the capital city, municipality agent distribution, marketing agent prefecture-level cities, county-level distribution. Support more through agents and dealers to join more information, please call: 0760-88899123.
1, the product of the failure to date of service of the date of this company customer service center shall prevail;
2, when you repair the product, be sure to stay with your contact telephone number and contact person, in order to be able to notify you after the repair
Take the machine;
3, when you repair products, on the package for the company’s unified "product sales maintenance treatment table" so that the customer service center technician
Timely and accurate machine fault detection solutions, in time convenient for you;
4, warranty for all products in the process, please help with the sale process engineer related items ready "product sales maintenance treatment table"
Work product in a timely manner in order to deal effectively;
5, three bags of service beyond the scope, you can select the paid services.
6, you have purchased the product in the hearing, when a fault occurs in normal use, the warranty company to provide telecommunications services is limited to the scope of this Ordinance commitments. Agents, distributors or additional commitments beyond the above works to the terms of the commitment by the agent, distributor or engineering companies themselves honored.
7, the service description only refers to faulty hardware and accompanying software company for repair. Any direct result of product failure to bring you

Or indirect losses, the telecommunications company is not responsible.
Eight, service process flow:
1, in the company‘s Web site to download ---- Product Service column Repairs processing table:
2, according to the requirements carefully, neatly fill in the table above product handling customer service bar information; please fax this form to the company after-sales maintenance department; recipient: Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province’s public broadcasting equipment Industrial Co., Phone: 0760-88899123)
3, please send this form together with the goods to our service department.

Nine, the telecommunications company receipt of information:
1, receiving content:

Receiving Unit: Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China‘s public broadcasting equipment Industrial Co., Ltd.

Delivery Address: Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, Zhu Xiu Park Road on the 25th Hing Industrial Building in the News
Phone: 0760-88899123

2, receiving yard:
(1), Zhongshan City, the Western freight yard
(2) Zhongshan Shaxi freight yard

Dealer joining conditions:
First, identify the hearing corporate culture and management style, with strong economic strength, a professional marketing team.
Second, the familiar agency, distribution regional economic conditions and urban planning developments in the industry has a high reputation, goodwill and reputation
Three, with a strong market development capabilities, management ability and interpersonal skills.
Fourth, to help the company branding and advertising matters, there is a strong promotion of awareness, can actively participate in various useful places
Sex fairs; able to meet our aggressive product promotion will be held and so on.
Fifth, there is a suitable office environment and places and shop specifically for broadcast product sales presentation.
Six and flexible sales model: regional engineering companies within the wholesale ability; within the regional distributors wholesale capacity.
Seven, strong professional skills, the ability to timely and effective service to guide and good works or distributors; (services include: pre-program configuration guide, installation and commissioning works, service, etc.).
 Eight, support our market protection policy

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